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TCM was the right for the job. They were very exacting and persistent. Their work site, when finished, was very clean and neat. I am especially pleased that they took many photos. They are professional and with high caliber work!


It was taken care of THE DAY that I sent the email! Now that's above and beyond fantastic! Who does that?! Never heard of this kind of service in my life!!! We don't know what to say but THANK YOU! We are in awe.

Diana & Huy

Total Construction is an amazing company! I've never met construction professionals like them! From the beginning (introducing themselves and making nice with dogs) to the end (total cleanup) was very much appreciated!


The emergency phone response was fast, as was the maintenance follow-up call...The service vendor was well experienced and very skilled in his approach.


Many thanks for the great work Total Construction has done!


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