Leak Repair & Water Intrusion

Regardless of the source, water intrusion issues must be addressed in a timely manner in order to prevent the development of serious indoor air quality issues. Water intrusion can come in many forms by leaky roofs, broken pipes, flooding, and of course in our climate by ice dams. Total is a leader in finding the source of the water intrusion, and coming up with a plan to repair and fix the issues so you can have peace of mind.

Roof systems are designed on the assumption that gravity will allow water to flow in a vertical direction downward. There are however, especially in Minnesota, days when mother-nature does not cooperate. Wind driven rain, and ice back up on roofs can cause leak problems on even the newest of roofs.

A leaky roof is something that weighs on the minds of many homeowners. At Total we aim to set your mind at ease with same day service and repair of problem areas.

Some leaks are easier to locate than others, but we always find the source and fix it!

Our technicians are highly skilled and have both carpentry and roofing knowledge that helps locate and repair even the trickiest of leaks.

Caulking is only a bandage, let us do it right so that you can sleep at night

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